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Notice of Waiver (s) Below are the terms of the release form for Artisan Body Piercing and Tattoo

Release form Terms No persons under the age 18 can receive a body piercing, except those under 18 years of age with the expressed written consent of the signing guardian’s signature and match last names and addresses on id cards and birth certificate. All clients with intent of receiving a body piercing must have a government issued photo identification card. No person shall perform a body piercing on any client unless he/she complies with all CDC laws and Prevention’s guidelines for “Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions” and provides client with the following disclosure: Body piercing is an invasive procedure in which skin is penetrated by a foreign object. There is a risk of exposure to hepatitis B and C and HIV if not proper sterilization techniques are not used. Body piercing may cause allergic reactions to people with sensitivities to metals. Body piercing may involve discomfort or pain for which appropriate anesthesia cannot be legal made available by the person performing the piercing unless the are licensed by the Virginia Health Regulatory Board. Some of the possible risk includes: discomfort, pain, scarring, bleeding, swelling, infection, nerve damage and there is an increased risk for adolescents during certain stages of development. By Signing below clients hereby release Artisan Body Piercing from any damages to property or body, have read the information above, been informed of all risk and dangers, and has the opportunity to have a third party present. All clients will be pierced with sterile single use disposable needles and clean sterile equipment.